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  • Hero Story: My husband

    Hero Story: My husband

    My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past April 2010. He had the Whipple procedure done on June 25th, 2010. It has been a very...

  • Hero Story: Sharon

    Hero Story: Sharon

    On New Years Eve December 31, 2008 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told I was able to have the Whipple procedure, which I had at...

  • Hero Story: Glenn

    Hero Story: Glenn

    In 1985 by husband was hit by a drunk driver while driving his car. Despite a 3 month coma and terrible odds he survived. In 1993, he was...


Pancreatic cancer is the ONLY major cancer with a five-year survival rate still in the single digits at just 6%.  With your help, we can change this deadly statistic.